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3 min readJul 16, 2021


For the last 9 months, SBCC has worked in partnership with Surplus Ventures LLC on a communication strategy that would enable SBCC to effectively communicate “who we are” using an approach that captures our transformation from a “Social Service Agency” to a vibrant, powerful “Social Change Agency”.


We believe that change comes from within.

And to change the narrative, we must seize the opportunities and environments where communities can demand equity. That means giving people true hope through tools and resources that work.

SBCC rejects solutions that prioritize social services. Instead, we choose innovative neighborhood ventures, resiliency and diversity.

Our commitment is to economic vitality and redistribution of resources. We are not a social service agency. We are partners who live and build with communities on this journey. Community is our weapon.

We stand by the belief that together we have the power to prevail.


In the last 15 years building a countywide network of resident groups that realize individual, family and community well- being, SBCC has learned the power and value of “community wisdom” for the formation and implementation of strategies that support resident empowerment and pursue equity and social justice.

SBCC has reorganized the internal program structure to reflect the new mission as a social change agency and have developed 3 major areas of focus: COMMUNITY ACTIVATION, ECONOMIC VITALITY, and CAPACITY TO THRIVE.

Community Activation involves activating resident led movements focused on residents recognizing and taking ownership of their power to drive social change for an equitable redistribution of resources and opportunity.

Economic Vitality invests in the local assets of our neighborhoods to achieve economic equality and educational equity.

Capacity to Thrive involves building vibrant social networks to provide a space for families to build resiliency and experience social and emotional growth.

SBCC’s core values are the centerpiece of the new website. They are anchored in a set of principles which operationalize all our ventures. These values include an unwavering commitment to relationship-based community organizing as a driver of social change utilizing the gifts and talents of our resident partners as the foundational strategy.

SBCC’s absolute belief that:

Poverty is the result of a lack of investment in people’s gifts and talents, disenfranchised individuals and communities, racial prejudice, lack of respect for community wisdom, and the absence of educational equity. It is not the result of laziness, lack of ambition, reckless spending, poor judgement, lethargy, or deficient problem solving.

Asset-based community development is the philosophical cornerstone of building resilient, connected, thriving families and communities. By building on resident’s strengths and refusing to acknowledge a deficit based frame SBCC partners with residents to insure their health, safety and a culture of well-being.

As you have probably noticed there isn’t mention of case-management, or a listed menu of typical social services that relegate participants to the role of a client. Instead SBCC is committed to partnership, equity and inclusion. SBCC believes that our resident partners are generous and caring and have the capacity to create support systems where people reach out to each other when they are in pain and share what they have with anyone in need.

Explore SBCC’s new website, learn about the core values and how we operationalize them. Become a member of the SBCC Community where respect and fellowship are the pathways to connection.



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